AR Co., Ltd.

We will give the color our daily lives through food.

The President message - Thought from the President for his passion about food

AR. Co., Ltd.
CEO Hiroyuki Tanno

AR. Co., Ltd. continues to evolve.

Starting from a small noodle shop in 2004, expanding every year little by little.

We will continue to open stores in various locations in the Miyagi area in the near future with a new business idea.
I want to develop business category condition that will let you open stores in Miyagi and all around the world.

Frist I would like to share the “splendor of Japanese food” and “heart of the Japanese hospitality” in Asia and all around over the world.

By deploying around the world, improving the status of the restaurant business, we are also working to improve the treatment of restaurant business in the society.

Our dream is big, there are many things you want to do. A large power is required in order to continue to achieve.

To do this, people who both will continue walking toward the big dream, create, and a new business high uniqueness, People who can be established as a business, a personable allowed to expand its business while leveraging the management resources that we have cultivated so far.

The combined fellow and power that has such a power, and I hope we can evolve more and more in the future.

"I want to have my own shop." "I want to be famous," "I want to work in the popular restaurant" and... there is a lot of staff who have such a dream.

But, speaking of how everyone had a dream from the beginning, actually I do in fact.

As for hiring staff, we hairier throughout the year, the job varies.

Why do you want to apply to the company even though there is no experience working in the restaurant industry? To hear some people have returned answer to work in some department for the company, some totally inexperienced person are also welcome.

When an experienced person comes, I am glad and of course will be treated with the utmost respect. But, We want to "I'll do!" Than experience of seeking feeling that. It is the best of the inclusion criteria.